Are you providing too much access to your EMR?

Your electronic medical record (EMR) is a key part of your organization’s care for your patients.

For most of your team, full access to the EMR is appropriate.  Nurses, physicians, and all the associated support staff need the many operational functions for every single patient.

But what about care partners, insurance companies, and other unaffiliated people who also need access to information about only some of your patients?

Are you providing full unrestricted access, risking breaches of privacy and worse?

Are you spending labor resources trying to manually limit their access?

Or are you still packaging exports of data to be faxed, emailed, or otherwise duplicated?

Find out how your peers are using SkyClaim to provide appropriate, restricted access to the EMR content as needed, with no manual intervention.

Coders, compliance auditors, payers, and care management teams can all benefit from a powerful intuitive solution to their information needs without having unrestricted access to your EMR.

Contact us to find out more about your organization can improve information processes and reduce risk with SkyClaim.

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