ICUs are overloaded… SkyView Gives All Your Patients ICU level visualization…

ICU Level Visualization for All Your Patients

SkyView Webinar on Tuesday, August 31 at 12 PM CST

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Dr. Jorge Alsip will explain the origins and demonstrate the value of the SkyView solution and its impact on patient care at UAB Medicine.

“With the electronic flow sheet, a physician can log on from anywhere: from their clinic, from home, from anywhere, really. All the data that used to be only available on the bedside paper flowsheet is now accessible from anywhere.”

“We discovered that once our providers – especially our residents -were exposed to SkyView in the ICU, they really liked it and continued to use it outside the ICU, and that’s probably why we have close to 7000 SkyView users.”

Dr. Jorge Alsip

Emergency Medicine Physician

Chief Medical Information Officer

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